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    Democracy Matters is a non-partisan organization concerned about political accountability, and the corrupting influence of private money in American government. Democracy Matters is affiliated with the national Democracy Matters organization. We hope to educate others and ourselves about the present infringements upon democracy, political equality, government transparency, and the possible alternatives that may help reform and revitalize our political process.  Thus, we specifically look at issues such as campaign finance and lobbying reform, expansion of the referendum and ballot initiatives in all states, full and partial public funding of elections, and election reform.

    Democracy Matters strives to uphold an environment of mutual-respect, open-mindedness, and an appreciation for ideological diversity.  Democracy Matters recognizes that competing views and ideas form the foundation for a productive and sound organization.  We desire effectiveness and efficiency in achieving our goals, while embracing participation and delegation of responsibility to as many of our members as possible.  Moreover, Democracy Matters holds sacred the individual; it is the individual who is the force and strength behind this organization and behind a legitimate Democracy.